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Weekly Camps

Champions are made in the offseason. This year, reach your potential with an IMG Academy camp. Utilizing many of the same training techniques that Athletic & Personal Development (APD) experts have used with the world’s top athletes, you can become stronger, faster, more confident and mentally tough. Come for a week or multiple weeks - weekly camps are an incredible, comprehensive experience!  

Options: Performance Only || Performance+ESL 

Camps are offered every week of the year for athletes of all ability levels (age 12-19). With IMG Academy’s energetic and global feel, on-campus activities and supervised off-campus trips, this could be the most fun and most productive camp experience you'll ever have!

Weekly Performance Camp Details

    • Ages 12-19
      • Dates: Year-Round
    • Physical Conditioning: Develops sport-specific strength, power, movement, speed, agility, flexibility, and conditioning. 
    • Mental Conditioning: Builds the mental skills – including confidence, focus and determination – that help athletes reach their goals and compete at their best on any given day.
    • Nutrition: Optimizes personal nutrition to meet high-level lifestyle and sport demands, with topics including optimal everyday nutrition, eating plans to meet sport-specific demands, body composition, energy balance and body weight issues, dietary supplements and hydration.
    • Leadership Training: Helps develop personal presence, communication skills, character building, accountability and conversational skill to provide more guidance and stability as a leader.
    • Vision Training: Develops an athlete’s eye muscles and visual system to enhance hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, reaction time and depth perception.

Weekly Performance Camp Benefits

      • A week of expert instruction, while having fun with other athletes from around the world.
      • Train on the campus utilized by world-class athletes like Maria Sharapova, Cam Newton, Andrew McCutchen and countless others
      • You can work on your game while improving your grades, working on college credit, becoming more comfortable with the English language or preparing for the SAT's (see below)
      • With over 90 different countries represented by our student population, training at IMG Academy is the multi-cultural experience of a lifetime!
      • Safe and secure 450-acre campus
      • Multiple-week Advantage - Maximizes improvement and is the greatest camp value

Performance and Education

Need help with your English? Work on your game while becoming more comfortable speaking, writing and understanding the English language. The program consists of a half-day of APD training plus 3 hours per day of Intensive English classes.

All lessons are customized for small-group sessions to focus on what each student needs. Each day consists of classroom and lab work that enhances listening, grammar, reading, pronunciation and overall conversational skill.

For more information on our Camp + English options, CLICK HERE.

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