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IGNITE Performance Training

Setting the standards for athletic performance training.

Prepare Every Athlete to Compete.

Improvement has no barriers…always strive to be better today than you were yesterday! Remember, to maximize your potential, you must know your strengths, weaknesses and how to establish a specific plan to reach your peak as an athlete.

The path to achieving your goals is wrought with challenges known and unknown. IGNITE 360 prepares athletes physically and mentally to take on whatever challenges the game may throw at them.

This performance training system starts with a systematic and thorough analysis of physical, mental and athletic ability. Once the benchmarks have been set, the system continues to provide trainers and their clients with specific, coordinated and dynamic programming to identify and address areas of weakness.

Built from the Ignite Performance Training methodology used for more than 30 years by world-class trainers to prepare elite athletes for high performance, IGNITE 360 is the most comprehensive performance training system developed to-date. From physical conditioning to mental training to nutrition education and beyond, the system leaves no element untouched.

The Ignite Performance Training System

The overall goal of training an athlete is to enhance their Athletic Engine. This is done through year-round training and an ongoing cycle of i360 Athlete Evaluation Ignite Performance Training Workouts Ignite Challenge. Through this Ignite Performance Training System, the IGNITE 360 Certified Trainer is able to appropriately develop true athletic potential. It is important to note that there is often tension in measurement. Coaches and trainers need to ensure that evaluation results are accompanied with purposeful programming, and answer the question, “Now what?”. The Ignite Performance Training system states that it is the duty of the Coach or Trainer to not only identify areas for improvement, but to develop this purposeful programming using the Open Architecture approach to training. 


Evaluation is an important part of any athlete’s training program. In order to appropriately design a program and progress an athlete you must know where they are starting and how to get them to where they need to go. The i360 Athlete Evaluation protocols allow for a trainer to properly and systematically assess athletes of all ages and abilities. The i360 Athlete Evaluation consists of three different protocols for the IGNITE 360 Certified Trainer to use with their athletes. 

  1. i360 Max Valid and reliable tests that create a customized recommendation for improving overall athletic performance and personal development. 
  2. i360 Sport Valid and reliable tests that create a customized recommendation for improving sport-specific performance. 
  3. i360 Fit Valid and reliable tests that create a customized recommendation for improving overall athletic performance. 


Through appropriate programming, each primary element is used to create foundational athleticism and improve overall athletic abilities. The progression of the Open Architecture training system is to gradually layer the three elements with overload variables and proper progressions to continually challenge the athlete to solve the puzzle of complex skills, drills and exercises. 

The Progression Pyramid empowers IGNITE 360 Certified Trainers to establish the proper athlete profile, training needs and desired outcomes. The Three Level process of “Train to Improve, Train to Gain, Train to Perform” avoids the random “throw at” approach to constructing workouts and gives purpose to each step in the process. The art of constructing workouts and training programming via this system ensures that trainers find new ways to challenge their athletes based on their abilities and sport-specific demands to transfer towards that competitive moment for the ultimate outcome – performance.


Athletes of all ages and abilities can be challenged to get better every day. IGNITE 360 Certified Trainers have a duty to challenge their athletes in a purposeful and appropriate manner. While challenging an athlete is a valid part of any periodized training program, IGNITE 360 Certified Trainers must be cautious that the movements and exercises are appropriate for the athlete. Many training programs are filled with intense, novel, random exercises that have no real physiological objective, making it more about innovative excitement and “gimmicks,” versus true athletic development. If a movement or challenge is programmed simply for the sake of hard work, it increases the risk of injury and can actually be harmful to the athlete’s development. This unfortunate but common approach to training can develop dysfunctional movement patterns under load, lead to athlete burnout or serious injury. Thus, it is important for IGNITE 360 Certified Trainers to understand how to incorporate appropriate challenge into any training program. 


Today’s training principles re-set the bar of traditional training methods, and IGNITE 360 strives to stay on the cutting edge within the Ignite Performance Training methodology. The methodology is based on the most up to date research and training systems used by world-class coaches. It is important that the demands of the sport be part of an athlete’s training program and thus IGNITE 360 Certified Trainers to look beyond traditional training methodologies to maximize athlete performance. 

The Ignite Performance Training System includes three main elements for developing a strong Athletic Engine, Performance Balance, Integrated Strength, and Athletic Movement.



  • Foundational Athleticism - athletic elements common across most sports including power, speed, strength, endurance and flexibility.


  • Sport Specific Movement (i360 Max & i360 Sport, only) - features three sport specific physical tests that best determine an athlete’s ability for that particular sport.
  • Integrative Movement - measures how well an athlete’s nervous system interacts with muscles and movement to create balance and posture.
  • Visual Ability (i360 Max, only) - measure the six main movements performed by the eyes – left, right, up, down, near and far.

Self Discipline Questionnaires (i360 Max, only)

  • Mentality – assesses how an athlete sees their own mindset during practice and competition.
  • Communication – assesses how an individual sees and understands their ability to communicate with others.
  • Nutrition – helps identify the quality of what an athlete says they are eating, along with an insight into their knowledge base of nutrition.

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