Mental Conditioning Workshop

The Athletic & Personal Development program’s Mental Conditioning Team, wish to provide a ‘hands-on’ continuing education experience for applied sport psychology professionals and students.


  • Graduate students & beginning practitioners – insight and supervised experience of fundamental applied consulting skills.
  • Experienced professionals – opportunity to develop presenting skills, experience and see variety of different sport populations.
  • Coaches and Trainers – opportunity to understand more about ‘what’ mental conditioning is and a practical view as to how it can apply and integrate into existing philosophy and practice.

Key Themes:

  • Insights into translating theory into practice
  • Profiling the ‘Total Consultant’ with particular attention to building relationships
  • Understanding and explore the ‘Art’ of presenting
  • Present and provide supervised experience of multiple sport environments that are highly accessible to sport psychology professionals:
    • Individual sports: Tennis and golf
    • Team sports
  • Nine Continuing Education credits available for AASP-Certified Consultants 

Dates: June 6-June 8, 2014

Location: IMG Academy, Bradenton FL


Student Price
Boarding: $475Non-Boarding: $325
Professional Price
Boarding: $555Non-Boarding: $395

Sample Scheudle

2:00-4:00pmCheck-InIMG Adult Clubhouse
4:00-5:15pmIntroduction to the TeamCenter of Personal Development
Session 2.1
  1. Welcome and introduction to staff and attendees
  2. Understanding your 'Why' & the role of 'Mentoring'
5:30-7:00pmIntroduction to the 'IMG Way'Center of Personal Development
Session 2.2
  1. Mental Conditioning philosophy - IMG mission, mental conditioning vs sport psychology
  2. Outline curriculum building - process of education, application and support (EAS).
  3. Discussion on mental skills periodization and integration with sport.
  4. Essential ingredients of effective mental conditioning sessions
7:00pmDINNER & MIXERIMG Adult Clubhouse
8:00-9:00am BREAKFASTIMG Adult Clubhouse
9:00-10:00am Education - Golf MC IMG Academy golf program Golf Clubhouse
Session 2.3
  1. Review of EAS model with individual sport vs team sport.
  2. Purpose - knowing what you're doing and why
10:00-11:00am Application - Golf MCIMG Academy golf program driving range
Session 2.4
  1. Integrating mental skills into practice: Composure on the green
11:00am-12:00pm Campus TourIMG Academy Campus
Session 2.5
  1. Campus Tour & demonstration of the IMG Vision Lab
12:00-1:00pm LUNCHAdult Clubhouse
1:00-2:00pmPresentation 101: Communicating Messages
Center of Personal Development
Session 2.6
  1.  Interactive Communication Workshop
2:15-3:00pm Education - TeamCenter of Personal Development
Session 2.7
  1. Review of differences between EAS model with individual sport vs team sport
  2. Purpose - knowing what you're doing and why
3:00-4:00pm Application - Team Center of Personal Development
Session 2.8
  1.  Team Building Activities: What, Why and How 
4:15-5:00pm  Support - Team Center of Personal Development
Session 2.9
  1. Using video - different ways to utilize film, e.g. iPad, Dartfish, on court, or video room
7:00pm  Dinner & Social  
7:00-8:00am BREAKFASTIMG Academy Campus 
8:00-9:00am Education - Tennis MC Center of Personal Development
Session 2.10
  1. Maximizing the Classroom: Taking theory & 'edu-taining'!
9:15-10:00am  Application - Tennis MC Center of Personal Development
Session 2.11
  1. Awareness - connectiong theory and practice on court with routines
10:00am-12:00pm DebriefCenter of Personal Development
Session 2.12
  1.  Personal reflection

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