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Post-Graduate High School Program

The post graduate high school program at the IMG Academy is a comprehensive college prep program designed to complement the athletic schedule at IMG Academy.  IMG Academy post-grad students can enhance their academic transcript by choosing challenging academic classes such as honors or Advanced Placement (A.P.).  Typically, Post-grad program students choose a 4 course load to balance their athletic training with their academics.  This is the preferred option for post-graduate students interested in the most selective universities.

The IMG Academy post high school grad year is also ideal for international students who wish to familiarize themselves with the U.S. educational system without impacting their NCAA eligibility.  International students are required to choose at least a four-course load in order to be eligible to receive the Form I-20 for a student visa.  Special attention is paid to the course selection for International post-graduate students to expose them to courses that they may not have taken in their home country (i.e. U.S. History, American Government, and Psychology) as well as academic reading and writing in English. 

Sample Schedule

A DayB Day
A.P. Language & CompositionPolitics and International Relations
Marine ScienceA.P. Statistics

Schedule will be determined after reviewing student’s high school transcript and goals for the post grad year.

College Advising

The IMG Academy Post-Graduate High School Program also includes college advising from the IMG Academy College Planning and Placement Office.  All post-graduate students are assigned a college advisor that will guide students through the application and recruitment process. 

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