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Academic English Post-Graduate Year

This part-time academic program is perfect for international students who want to improve their English before applying to an American college or university.  Students participate in three classes per day, and can also engage in TOEFL Test preparation.  The following courses are offered to students in this program:

Core/Integrated Skills 

This class emphasizes grammar and its integration into speaking, listening, reading, and writing that contribute to successful communication.  Language skills are quickly developed through dynamic and communicative projects.

Reading and Writing

Students read and discuss high-interest texts on current topics and use the vocabulary and structures they learn to help develop their written communication skills in a variety of situations. Students expand vocabulary through reading and writing activities.

Speaking and Listening 

Students develop listening strategies, practice conversational skills and improve pronunciation, fluency and accuracy. Activities and assignments are designed to improve spoken English and listening, and the understanding and use of idiomatic expressions.

The Academic English Post Graduate Year also includes college advising from the IMG Academy College Planning and Placement Office.  All post graduate students are assigned a college advisor that will guide students through the application and recruitment process.

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