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The Learning Resource Center (LRC) at IMG Academy serves a variety of students on campus. The department currently consists of six faculty members; each member possesses unique strengths in the core content disciplines. This range of talent among instructors permits the team to work with the diverse population of students supported by the LRC. Faculty with strong backgrounds in each of the four main disciplines and electives has been selected to work in the department.

At the elementary level, we act as consultants, visiting the elementary school for observations one day per week for 80 minutes. Additionally, a part-time staff person works one-on-one with students on an as-needed basis. The LRC faculty interfaces with the elementary faculty regarding student need, and performs weekly observations to support teachers directly in the classroom. 

At the middle and high school level, the LRC faculty assists students individually and in groups at one of three levels: consultation, academic support and full support. At the consultation level, LRC faculty members work behind the scenes to track student progress, communicate with faculty on an as-needed basis, as well as ensure that necessary accommodations are being met. If necessary, the LRC will apply for SAT/ACT accommodations for students. LRC staff also communicates with families regarding the progress of the student in all aspects of his/her life at IMG Academy. Much like consult students, full support students receive the above assistance along with being assigned at least one scheduled LRC period. As needed, a LRC teacher may assign the student to come to the LRC for an additional time typically during Academic Advising.

Students can also be assigned to the LRC at the academic support level. Students are assigned a class period and receive assistance with academic work, and other tasks such as executive functioning skills, depending on the student’s need. Based on observation, there are times that a student on academic support may receive accommodations in order to ensure classroom success. If necessary, we may also recommend further testing through Comprehensive Med/Psych Systems (a Sarasota-based practice of psychologists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists that works with students on campus) in an effort to understand underlying obstructions of a student’s learning.

We communicate frequently with all the people involved in a student’s life at IMG Academy to determine proper supports for the students enrolled in the LRC. Students are referred to the program thru admissions, teachers, parents, or other adults on campus. Once a student is enrolled in the department communication is a primary goal and we frequently communicate with teachers and the parents of the student. The department also works closely with Campus Life and the Sport Departments in order to maintain a full picture of the students on campus, whether it is to support students who are currently enrolled in our program or to determine whether new students should be incorporated in our group. As needed, we consult with our APD Division depending on the unique needs of the students.

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