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Now Accepting Applications
Now Accepting Applications

Intensive English Program

Intensive English Program & TOEFL Preparation

Part of the IMG Academy application process requires Proof of English Proficiency.  Upon arrival, all non-native speakers of English will be required to take an English proficiency exam as part of the academic assessment. Based on these scores, students may be placed into the non-credit Intensive English Program. Scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) will be accepted.   Please click here to see the language proficiency requirements for our international students.

Final placement decisions are made by considering not only a student’s test scores but also his/her academic background/habits, level of maturity, and oral proficiency. 

The Intensive English Program (IEP)  is a full-time academic program designed for full-time Academy students who wish to spend 1 or 2 semesters improving their English before transitioning to an American middle- or high school, or post-grad participants who wish to prepare for university English including TOEFL preparation.  Students take 4 hours of English per day either in the morning or the afternoon according to their sport schedule. The IEP is recommended for ages 10 through adult.   

We offer 5 different levels from Beginning to Advanced.  School-aged children, adults, and non-traditional learners are welcome to enroll.   The IEP is specifically designed to prepare international students to succeed in U.S. education environments by providing instruction in academic English and study skills development.   Classes introduce and practice all skill areas including grammar, reading, listening, speaking, and vocabulary development. 

Our IEP requires an F-1 student visa or other eligible non-immigrant visas. IMG Academy is authorized by SEVP to issue language learning I-20s.  The IMG Academy Intensive English Program meets U.S. federal regulations for international students by requiring our students to participate in fulltime intensive English classes for 20 contact hours per week, with an average of 5 additional hours of homework weekly, which exceeds the requirement under 8 C.F.R. § 214.3(a)(2)(i)(G) of 18 contact hours of instruction weekly for students enrolled in language programs.  Click here for more information on how to get your 1-20

Our IEP is best suited for young learners who wish to continue their studies at the main branch of IMG Academy once they have achieved English proficiency – or,  post-graduate students who wish to perfect their intermediate/advanced English or complete TOEFL test preparation to gain admission into a university.    

We also offer semi-intensive courses for holders of tourist visas,  and private lessons for visitors who want a one-on-one experience.

Course Descriptions


This class emphasizes grammar and its integration into speaking, listening, reading, and writing that contribute to successful communication. Language skills are quickly developed through dynamic and communicative projects.

Reading and Writing

Students read and discuss high-interest texts on current topics and use the vocabulary and structures they learn to help develop their written communication skills in a variety of situations. Students expand vocabulary through reading and writing activities.

Speaking and Listening 

Students develop listening strategies, practice conversational skills and improve pronunciation, fluency and accuracy. Activities and assignments are designed to improve spoken English and listening, and the understanding and use of idiomatic expressions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll?

  • Students who need additional English study before enrolling into IMG Academy Elementary, Middle, or High School
  • International students who have obtained their high-school diploma in their home countries and who wish to improve their English before applying to American universities 
  • Adult learners of English who wish to accompany their children to the IMG Academy
  • Community members and non-traditional learners

Do I need a student visa?

  • Most of the time, but not always.  This program is considered full-time study by the US Government and you will either need to obtain a student (F-1) visa or check the status of your current visa.  Certain categories of visa holders are eligible to enroll, as well as certain dependents (spouse or children) of visa holders. 

What are your measurements of sufficiency? Will I receive academic credit?  

  • All students are tested at the beginning and end of each semester. They also receive mid-semester and final grades. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average to progress to the next level.  At the end of each level,  students receive a final report and a certificate of completion. Academic credit is not given.

Can I transition into IMG Academy?

  • IMG Academy sports participants who wish to improve their English by enrolling into the Intensive English Program are then eligible to transition into the IMG Academy once their English reaches sufficiency level.

Can I complete TOEFL test preparation?

  • Students in Levels 4 & 5 concentrate on academic English and TOEFL preparation. Additional independent TOEFL prep training is available. 
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