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Now Accepting Applications
Now Accepting Applications

Adult English Programs

The adult English programs at IMG Academy are for learners of English over 18 years old.

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Adults participating in an IMG Academy sports program may contact us to arrange private lessons or specialized classes (3 people required to form class). They may also join any of our part-time weekly ESL classes if there is a level and age range appropriate, and if their sports schedule permits.  

Student-Athletes in the Post-Graduate Program at IMG Academy can also benefit by enrolling in the Intensive English Program in order to benefit from advanced English instruction, TOEFL preparation, and college preparatory skills. A student visa is required for enrollment into this program.  

Beginner adults are also welcome in our Adult classes. We evaluate students before they complete the registration process in order to explain your class options to you carefully, and to help you reach your personal English language learning goals. 

Community Members

We welcome community members in the Sarasota and Bradenton area to take either part-time or full-time classes.  All ages and levels are welcome, although we reserve the right to provide private lessons if there is not an appropriate class available.  Community members interested in the Intensive English Program will need to obtain a student visa or provide other proof of non-immigrant status. The Intensive English Program is able to issue I-20s for student visas.  Please see the Intensive English Page for more information. Full-time enrollment is required and students are held to high academic standards. Community members who do not wish to be enrolled full-time can take part-time ESL classes but will not be considered eligible for a student visa. 

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