Curriculum and Instruction

The focus of the curriculum at IMG Academy is to develop critical thinking skills and capacities through the study of traditional subject area material. The primary goal is to more than adequately prepare students for a successful college experience. The school’s college preparatory curriculum prepares its student-athletes to successfully manage the rigorous schedule of scholarly and athletic demands of university life.

Since the fall of 2009 the school’s academic theme has been developing critical thinking skills and capacities. This theme was adopted by all grade levels from elementary school through upper school, has been fully integrated in all classes and will continue throughout the coming school years.

The faculty incorporates the ascending critical thinking skills associated with Bloom’s Taxonomy in their daily lessons and weave into these lessons the Seven Essential Skills and Capacities identified by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) as critical to the successful 21st Century learner. Classroom teachers work collaboratively during department meetings and their lesson planning time to create critical thinking components to be used on a daily basis in each class. For instance, critical thinking questions guide teachers’ daily lessons and encourage student discussion. Analytic writing is incorporated across all subject areas, most notably in mathematics and science. Student assessments such as tests and exams emphasize short answer and essay writing rather than true/false, multiple-choice and matching.

Teachers incorporate into their lessons many different elements of techniques such as the Socratic Method, the Harkness Method and the ‘flipped classroom,’ all proven methods of promoting the development of critical thinking skills. In order to promote a more consistent standard of work outside the classroom, teachers assign homework each time a class meets. The homework policy includes the standard of quality-not-quantity, depth-and-substance-not-busy work.

For each course, the material and objectives pursued in daily classroom lessons are guided by a variety of standards chosen by each subject area department, choosing among Florida Sunshine State Standards, Common Core Standards and National Standards.

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