Hosting events is a strategic initiative for IMG Academy.  A well run event can bring direct and indirect revenue, assist in brand awareness, strengthen customer pipelines, provide college exposure and bring value to sponsors.  While events are neccessary to our business, it is important to also remember that events can require a tremendous amount of resource and investment.  IF YOU HAVE A NEW BUSINESS EVENT REQUEST, PLEASE SUBMIT THE COMPLETED FORM TO THE DIRECTOR OF EVENTS OR AN EVENT MANAGER.  Once submitted, you'll be a

If you are requesting a shared space amongst campus facilities please complete the below form. Your sport director’s approval is required to submit your request. Your facility is not secured until you receive confirmation from Please note approval can take several days or longer depending upon the complexity of the request.

Meeting Room and other facility requests require approval from:

Friday, January 30


Redefine your game (and your vacation) with an IMG Academy adult tennis, golf, or performance sports camp. From sunrise to sunset, IMG Academy’s team of professionals and expert coaches can create a customized program for you filled with sport instruction, competition and physical conditioning.

2015 IMG Academy Beach Blast

February 20th-22nd, 2015: IMG Academy to host the 5th annual Beach Blast, featuring 40 teams from 5 different states. Prestigious programs from across the country are sending teams with the goal of introducing their top unsigned Division 1 prospects to coaches from the nation’s top collegiate programs.

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