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Boys Basketball Camps

Through technical instruction, intensive drill sequences, and guided gamesituational play from the industry’s most proven coaches, the IMG Academy basketball program’s highly refined training methods seamlessly translate from the practice court to game competition.

Program Notes


  • Receive position-specific instruction from expert coaches for point guards, wings players, forwards and centers 


  • NBA-quality facilities, including four full indoor courts and multiple locker rooms/strategy rooms 


  • Skill level-specific basketball camps available for all ages 8+
  • Pre-program individual goal-setting
  • Post-camp written analysis from coaches allows for continued improvement, provided by ZoomReports 
  • Recruiting Education
  • Train and compete like athletes in our renowned Academy program (Ascender Camp)
  • Improve mental toughness, speed/ agility, nutrition, hand-eye coordination and leadership ability (TOTAL ATHLETE Camp)
  • Improve balance, movement, concentration, confidence, flexibility and power with group Mental and Physical Conditioning (Core Basketball Camp)


Boys Basketball

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Boys Basketball Camps

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